In this sentence (from a manga), what does 所があるじゃない stand for? I don't seem to understand the grammar behind it.


(I mean, I know about 所が meaning however, 所がある meaning 'there is', じゃない as ではありません, but that seems to be something else here.)

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According to JMDict, one of the meanings of 所 is as follows:

  • point
  • aspect
  • side
  • fact

Therefore, in this sentence, "可愛い所" means something like "cute side".

One could translate just that part of the sentence as follows:


isn't there a cute side?

Specifically, the speaker is saying that there is a cute side to 鬼灯尹.

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Assuming 「鬼灯」is a name, it's a way of saying he has many cute things to him/her.


Ending with じゃない in question form is like saying "isn't it?".

いいじゃない! That's good isn't it?

Note: the negative would be よくない!

Also, よくないんじゃない! That's bad isn't it? or "That's not good, is it?".

可愛い所 already answered by another comment, but you can use 所 to talk about "aspects" of something or someone.

優しいところが好きです。<- I like how (you/he/she) is nice.

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