In this anime they have a song that's called, Omae no Tou-chan Chome-Chome

So I looked what chome chome is, and they say - It's an euphemism for sex - It's an onomatopeia (related to sex) - It's a whatever unprintable word

and nobody gives a clear answer that makes sense with the title of the song. What does chome chome mean?

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チョメチョメ is one of the ways of reading the symbol(s) ×× out loud, which is used to mask a word or a part of a word. I wonder if there is an English equivalent for this... If you know how to read the ** part in "f**k" in isolation, that's it. If I understand correctly, it was originally a generic placeholder like まるまる or なになに, but later チョメチョメ gained a sexual connotation. チョメチョメ was a popular word in the 1980's, but it's almost outdated now. Teenagers may not even know this.

By the way, the lyrics of the song explain the usage of this word very well :)



JMDict defines it as follows:

xx(reading: ちょめちょめ)

  • blankety-blank
  • bleep
  • used in place of sensitive word (often sexually related)

So one English translation of the song title is "Your Father is a bleep"

It's a placeholder for some bad words. The specific words are up to your imagination.

More online discussion on this song title:


According to the site below, チョメチョメ is a slang used to pronounce redacted or censored words.

In Japanese printed censored words are usually represented as a series of ○ or × or ※ or*.
In English they are replaced by a black rectangle or symbols like #$@&%*!, specially when they are profanities.

So the exact meaning of the word depends on the context.
It is some kind of unprintable word, and from the lyrics, it seems to be about sex.


I don't know if it's technically right, but my best guess would be that Otsu-chan's song translates to: "Your father is a mother-f**ker", with part of that censored.

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