The title is self explanatory. I don't seem to understand this sentence as a whole. Can somebody please explain this word by word for me? Also what form is "振ってくれ" in? "振る" in this context means "to wave at someone".

Edit: I've just found out that the "くれ" at the and of the verb is basically the same as "下さい", it's just more casual. Now I only have problem with "僕の分".

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    What's the context? 振る has many meanings and it's not possible to translate this in isolation. And as a rule, we don't answer translation requests that does not show your research efforts. – naruto Oct 12 '18 at 16:13

Well... I think I just found the answer myself... I don't know why did I even post this, it became so clear now. The problem was that I thought "僕の分" is a physical part of one's body, rather than a part in performing some sort of action (God, it's so obvious now...). So, advice to others who are reading this: Read the sentence you have trouble with a couple of times and see if you can figure out the meaning. If you can't then, and only then post; don't be stupid like me.

To be sure, can someone confirm it?

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    No one can confirm this without enough context. 僕の分 roughly just means "mine", and it can refer to virtually anything depending on the context. – naruto Oct 13 '18 at 0:18

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