In my Japanese textbook, it has the following phrase:


I interpreted the first part of that sentence is that the speaker is going to write a series called "World Universities" for their friend at Waseda University, but the second part confuses me a bit.

I know it's supposed to say something like "I was asked to have you write the article", but I'm confused about how it is phrased with してほしいと頼まれました. I feel like it should have another verb in there to show that the person speaking is asking a question, but I don't see it.


This is an example of a long direct speech with brackets omitted.


The main structure of the sentence is:

"I was asked by a Japanese friend, (who said "...")

... and everything in the brackets is what this Japanese friend said to the speaker. It's the Japanese friend who is going to publish articles about universities in the world, and あなた in the sentence refers to the speaker, who is presumably American.

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