Context: a former swordsman takes his daughter to attend kendo lessons. She doesn't seem happy, so he reminds her that she decided herself to go, at which che replies:


What is the meaning of どうの? I found an example on Kenkyusha dictionary suggesting it can be used in lists:


She's forever complaining; if it isn't the color, it's the design or something else.

Is this the way it was used in my sentence? Thank you for your help!


It's the same as どうこう or どうのこうの explained in this question. It replaces a (subjectively) unimportant part of the sentence like "blah blah". In this case, the father has told her a long story about 剣, but she is thinking what he said was unimportant to her.


Apparently どうの is short for どうのこうの which means "this and that", "to keep talking incessantly about something", "to keep complaining". In negative sentences it means "anything".

Examples from プログレッシブ和英中辞典:

Stop nagging.
I have no right to say anything about the matter.


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