I am trying to learn a lot by reading, but I am having a lot of trouble with this phrase/sentence:


Now, this is from a manga (Akira, specifically) so I'm guessing it's some kind of cheesy/loud exclamation. But I've tried to figure out what it means and I'm just really not getting it.

This is the the original image.

enter image description here
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It's not どうなちきつたんだよオ but どうなっちまったんだよ, which in this context roughly means "What happened to you!" or "What has become of you!" I don't know how much you know about Japanese, but assuming you can read most of what's written in AKIRA, here's the breakdown. (If you still have trouble reading hiragana, you should start with something easier.)

(どうなる is a set phrase meaning "what happens", "how it's going")

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