Present in English means both gift, and it also mean the current (present) time. Japanese online examples and translation seem to omit this second meaning. Does プレゼント have both English meanings or just the "gift" meaning?

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    I thought you might have taken advice from your question of two days ago, where all comments/answers suggested to consult a dictionary for this type of question. Did you? If so, please include what you found in your question. – Earthliŋ Sep 27 '18 at 19:06

Japanese プレゼント

Looking at various JA→EN dictionaries, the "gift" sense appears to be the only one in common usage. Links:

Looking at monolingual JA↔JA dictionaries appears to corroborate this. Links:

The other English senses

  • For "present time": 現在【げんざい】, 今【いま】
  • For "present, in attendance": 出席【しゅっせき】 (when describing people sitting, as at a meeting or movie or class), いる (when simply stating that someone is)

I do not have any information about frequency of such usages, but according to Japanese Wordnet it has both meanings as "gift" and as "present time".

Probably second meaning is less frequently used in everyday speech.

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