I came across the both words in the title and wondered, if there is a general difference in their usage and/or meaning. In which cases do I use 入場, and when is it 入所?

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    When you enter a 場 like a stadium, you would use 入場. When you enter a 所 like 研究所, you would use 入所. I think it depends on the name of the place they are entering (野球場、劇場、刑務所、訓練所, etc). Sep 27 '18 at 4:57

入所 is usually reserved for entering a prison, a nursing home, etc. particularly (but not always) if the name of the place has a 「所」 in it's name, e.g. 研究所、刑務所、保育所 etc.

入場 is more common and used for admission to a park, a concert, etc. particularly (again, not always) if the name has a 「場」 like 野球場、キャンプ場, but also when someone makes an entrance (ゲストの入場、新郎新婦の入場).

I think the main difference is time spent in the place being admitted to. Longer times (months, years) for 入所, shorter times (hours, days) for 入場.

p.s. I noticed that Halfway Dillitante made a comment that also mentions some of my examples while I was typing.


According to the dictionary you use 入場 to enter places like 会場, 競技場, 式場, usually as a customer.
入所 is when you become a member or employee of an institution like a 研究所 (laboratory).


1 研究所など、所と名のつくところに所員としてはいること。
2 刑務所にはいること。
3 養護老人ホーム、児童養護施設、知的障害児施設、授産施設などの社会福祉施設に入って生活すること。

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