I'm having trouble deciphering this handwriting. So far, I can definitely tell that the first column says 参拾弐 in 大事, and the fourth column says 手本. Really struggling with column two and some of column three (last two kanji are 弐号, but what's the first?)

enter image description here

(Click for full image.)

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    Third column should be 第弐号. – droooze Sep 26 '18 at 23:02
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    Is there anything you can tell us about the drawing? – droooze Sep 28 '18 at 7:40
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    When was it written? – user2617804 Dec 27 '18 at 10:37
  • My guess for line 2: "生?里命" And is there any chance that this maybe in Chinese? I'm not seeing any kanas on this – nayfaan Mar 21 at 13:15

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