According to Jisho.org/mansion and Japanese Core 1000 マンション in Japanese means "apartment, condominium, residential building". But in English where the word might come from, it also refers to a large block of flats in British English, but its primary meaning is "a large, impressive house", which is the meaning we use also in Spanish (we don't use the apartment or condominium meaning at all as far as I know). Therefore this "luxurious house" meaning seems to be missing in Japanese. Does マンション also mean "luxurious house" in Japanese?

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    Did you try looking at dictionaries in Japanese? Did you find any evidence of this meaning?
    – Leebo
    Sep 25 '18 at 17:59

Indeed, the Japanese word マンション does not carry the same meaning as "mansion" in English.

Monolingual dictionaries will only list the meaning you mentioned, even though they may point out that the word has a different meaning in English. For example, the entry in 大辞林 reads

マンション 【mansion】〔大邸宅の意〕


using the word 大邸宅 "large residence" (or of course "mansion") in angled brackets to show that the English word has a different meaning.


According to the dictionary マンション means only an apartment.
It does not have the same meaning as in English.
Even when you say 高級マンション, it still means an apartment and not a house.



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