So far I knew 父, お父さん and パパ mean father in japanese. But then I saw other compounds which apparently mean father like 父上, 乃父 (I dont know how these are pronounced by the way). Are there many other ways to say father in japanese?


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Ones used by real ordinary native speakers:

  • お父さん (very neutral and safe)
  • おとん (informal)
  • おやじ (informal)
  • パパ (mainly by female/young speakers)
  • とうちゃん (informal)

Used only as a third-person honorific pronoun:

  • ご尊父 (honorific)

Rare ones used mainly in fiction:

  • お父様 (noble)
  • ダディー
  • 父上 / 父上様 (samurai-sh)

There may be even rarer ones, but this should be enough.

乃父 is not a word but a combination of and 父【ちち】.

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