My English isn't good, so I have always asked in Japanese, but Japanese isn't my mother tongue either. Sometimes, when I'm asking a question in Japanese, the question and the example are related to a textbook or a novel, so I have to show where the example comes from.

For example:

How to understand 態度を片付け

In this question, the example is from a Japanese novel which is Natsume Soseki's Kokoro.


How do I tell everybody this sentence is from a Natsume novel?

I've tried the following examples before but maybe they are unnatural in Japanese.




but this one must be correct:


Any other way to show a source in Japanese?

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{これは / 以下は}夏目漱石の『こころ』の一文です。
{これは / 以下は}夏目漱石の『こころ』の中の一文です。
{これは / 以下は}夏目漱石の『こころ』からの一文です。

"This is / The following is a sentence in/from Kokoro by Soseki Natsume."


以下は夏目漱石の『こころ』からの{引用 /(一部)抜粋}です。

"The following is a quotation/excerpt/passage from Kokoro by Soseki Natsume."


-- 夏目漱石『こころ』より

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    @HING 「かっこ」ってひらがなで打って変換したら、候補に出ます。こんな感じで。 出ます? – Chocolate Oct 7 at 15:23

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