Both of these terms are found in the same 職務経歴書.

After attempting to translate the terms used in an example, I've come to the following hypothesis:

業務タイトル - Department in a company

役割 - One's specific position

In English resumes, we usually refer to one's position as a [Job] Title, Position, Role. Thus, the use of タイトル has caused me some confusion.

Is my conclusion correct?


After reviewing the provided example one more time,

業務タイトル - Project Title

One definition of 業務 is task, a synonym for project or assignment.

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    Yes, 業務タイトル should be something like "Building the database infrastructure of a high-traffic e-commerce site". Japanese タイトル almost never refers to one's position such as "manager" or "designer".
    – naruto
    Sep 11 '18 at 2:22

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