I was watching Chuunibyou (might’ve been something else) and noticed that in the credits there was 「キャスト」written. I thought for a bit and figured it must be “cast”. But why would it be 「キャスト」 with a “kya” rather than 「カスト」with a “ka” ?

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  • That vowel in English is usually transliterated this way, e.g., キャンプ、キャンパス、キャベツ。But that just begs the question. I'm curious, too. – mamster Sep 1 '18 at 23:11
  • Examples of "kya", "gya": cat キャット, carrot キャロット, candy キャンディー, gap ギャップ, gang ギャング/ Examples of "ka", "ga": Canada カナダ, gas ガス/ I could not find how to distinguish which way you should write. At first I thought "ka" and "ga" was usually used in former Japanese, but 宮沢賢治(1896-1933) wrote キャベジ. Maybe "ka" and "ga" words were from other languages, but I could not find any reliable resource that provides information of where a word came from. – legogo Sep 2 '18 at 1:46
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