mc「洗濯物? 俺別にその辺に置いといてもらえればそのまま着るけど」

girl 「だめ、ちゃんと畳むの」



mc 働かざるものなんとやらってか。

I'm pretty sure this is analogous to this saying, so "no folding, no food" of some sorts

but i'm not sure what やらってか is abbreviated from




First, 「なんとやら」 means the same thing as 「なんとか」.

I explained the use of the replacement 「なんとか」 here:

would 「なんとか」 be an acceptable replacement for "something"?

Just like the two examples I gave at the end of that Q&A, 「なんとやら」 here is replacing the 「食{く}うべかざる」 part of the famous saying 「働{はたら}かざる者食うべからず」("He who does not work, neither shall he eat.")

「ってか」 is a colloquial way of saying 「~~ということか」. The 「と/って」 is the quotative particle.

「~~~ってか。」, therefore, means "Are you implying to say ~~~?", "~~~, you mean?"

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