"A: いつごろ切符を予約しましたか。  B: 3か月前です” why should it be です but not でした?

  • Not sure, but maybe it has something to do with 3か月前に予約したのです – DXV Aug 29 '18 at 1:37

Because でした implies that the state (予約した) has changed.

3か月前です means: "Three months ago"

3か月前でした is a bit non-sensical. It means something like this: "I booked it three months ago, but something happened after booking, and now for some reason it is no longer three months ago that it was booked."

でした is used to convey subjective feeling, for example:

Q. 地震はどうでしたか?

A. 大変でした


Q. 映画はどうでしたか?

A. 最高でした

For a factual question like: "When did you book your ticket?", there is no room for the subjective feeling that でした implies.

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