An artist I follow on twitter posted an image and above it they wrote 新規掲載絵皆無貧困絵描. (Here is the link to the original tweet: https://twitter.com/sai_no/status/1033339861351256065 tho it doesn't really have much contextual information for me to use)

I know all of the individual kanji that is contained in that phrase, but I fail to see how they all fit together. Google translator and other translation tools just translate individual components that make it up, and I don't understand how they connect.

It would help me if someone could explain to me in a more nuanced way what that phrase means and break down how it's components work together to make it.


It's probably trying to say "a poor painter with no new pictures published".

新規掲載の絵が皆無な、貧困に陥{おちい}った絵描き: a painter in poverty who doesn't have any newly published pictures

  • Thanks, that makes sense! For some reason I thought that 皆無貧困 was somehow connected, so I tried to translate it as one word. – Ivan Pop-Jovanov Aug 27 '18 at 10:14

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