There's a song called 碧羅の天へ誘えど and it's read as "Hekira no Sora e Izanaedo". Is "Sora" another reading for 天? I don't see it listed on Jisho.org, and 天 seems to almost always use "Ten" as its reading.


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The reading of そら is a nonstandard reading found almost exclusively in crative writings such as lyrics and novel titles. It's in the same vein as this. Using a nonstandard reading is a common way to make the name sound more interesting in Japanese.

In person names, there are a few people named 天【そら】 (including this seiyu), but I think it tends to be used as a little peculiar stage name.


Oh Wikipedia says "Sora" is a Nanori reading for 天, which is apparently used for names and places

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