Im reading this article and I don't think I fully understand the use of the in this context. My translation seems off with it being converted to an "and". What is the と really supposed to represent here?

イスラム教の人がサウジアラビアのメッカその近くへ祈りに行く「ハッジ」が始まりました My Translation: Hajj has started, which is where Islamic people go to pray at a vicinity and Saudi Arabia's Mecca.

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The と means "and".

「メッカその近く」 = "Mecca and its vicinity" 

Hajj, in which Muslims go to pray in Mecca and its vicinity in Saudi Arabia, has started.

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    I see, so then the へ covers (I guess I'll call it a noun phrase) サウジアラビアのメッカとその近く as a whole Aug 24, 2018 at 16:54

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