I could not find anything on this website nor with a (quick I admit) search on Google.

Does Japanese have any "yes phrase" (or more technically rhetorical affirmation) used to answer questions whose answer is supposed to be an obvious "yes"? Such as:

Does a bear sh*t in the woods?

Is the pope catholic?

In fact, these expressions are so common in English that you can often find them twisted in comical ways:

Is the Space Pope reptilian? (Futurama)

Is the atomic weight of Cobalt 58.9? (Ghostbusters II)

Given that sarcasm is generally is not a typical trait of Japanese people, maybe something like this doesn't exist. Or does it? Anything similar?

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This famous phrase from a manga instantly came to my mind, but probably this was created intentionally so that it would sound like a "typical American joke", and I don't think it's used outside otaku communities. I could not think of a more traditional expression similar to this. A classic set expression for "obviously true" is 火を見るより明らか (mainly used in written Japanese), but this does not sound sarcastic or humorous at all.

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