I'm currently watching Death Note and decided to interpret the opening theme. However, I'm unsure about my interpretation. I don't know what I don't know, so please either correct my mistakes or tell me what is wrong.

Original Passage

広がる闇の中 交わし合った 革命の契り
果実が告げた未来 夢、理想に変える

Rewritten passage (bold are my inclusions)


Thought process behind rewritten passage inclusions

The first sentence seemed easy enough to understand by explicitly stating the subject and denoting the location of activity and direct object with the corresponding particles. For the second sentence: I began by noticing かえる as a transitive verb, and thus tried to explicitly state what I assumed to be the subjects and objects. I understood "果実が告げだ未来" as the noun 未来 modified by the relative clause 果実が告げる, and thus assumed it should take the particle を and the subject 僕, while stylistically excluding an appropriate verb. Then, I thought maybe 果実が告げた未来 was the in fact the 夢 mentioned in the next clause/sentence, and thus the verb 変える is actually acting on both noun phrases because the noun phrases are in reference to the same thing. I used the same logic on the third sentence, though the 僕が confused me because I'm failing to see what the topic could be (even if something like それは).

Interpretation of rewritten passage

I exchanged vows of revolution within spreading darkness because I can’t let anyone hinder me. The future that the fruit foretells… That dream, I’m going to change into the ideal The ending that everyone desires… The (better) world that will glitter and shine, one day I'm going to show you.

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