For the word (or composition of two words): 唯一, sometimes also written as: 唯一つ,

Two possible pronunciations come to my mind:

  • ゆいいつ [yuiitsu] -onyomi


  • ただ ひとつ [tada hitotsu] -kunyomi

Which one is correct? Does the last つ in written form make any difference?


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唯一 and 唯一つ both work as a no-adjective and a standalone adverb, but they are different.

  • 唯一 is one word and only read as ゆいいつ in modern Japanese. (ゆいいち is another possible reading according to this entry, but I believe you can forget it)
  • 唯一つ (with okurigana つ) is two words, ただひとつ.

They are not always interchangeable. For example you can say 唯一の生存者 ("sole survivor") and 唯【ただ】一人【ひとり】の生存者 but not 唯一つの生存者.

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