I am looking for the meaning of 石松 in this context (待ってください用心棒なら この石松が) but I cannot find it anywhere. Also, this sentence is one that was interrupted, hence the abrupt "が".

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    石松 is the speaker's name. He's offering his service as a 用心棒 – By137 Aug 9 at 4:01
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    By137, you should make that in to an answer, since it is, you know, the answer to Amish's question. – Halfway Dillitante Aug 9 at 7:52
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    Yeah, but I always try to write thorough answers and I couldn't think of a way to flesh this out, so I was hesitant. But I guess as long as it answers the question... – By137 Aug 9 at 12:53
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石松 is the speaker's name. He's offering his service as a 用心棒.

You said he got cut off, so the sentence could have ended something like

待ってください用心棒なら この石松がやります or つとめます
Or, if he is using 敬語、
待ってください用心棒なら この石松が致します

There are hundreds of possibilties, so these are just some examples

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