Context: a man reads some online posts after accusing another man of being a pedofile.

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What is the meaning of 小動物系? Considering the context and the fact that images of young girls came out when I tried to look for it on Google Images, I think the meaning is not simply "small animals system".

Also, could you explain the meaning of 裏DVD and "こマ!?"? I think that the first means "illegal DVDs", while te second sounds to me like "really?!". Is it correct? Thank you for your help!

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In this case 系 doesn't mean system. Instead it refers to a certain category of girls. 小動物系 describes girls you could compare to small animals in terms of cuteness. They obviously can't be tall or overweight, but they also must behave in a certain lovely manner. You can read more about this use of 系 here.


You're right, these are DVDs that can't be sold in the open. Specifically, the term nearly always refers to sexual videos.


This is a shortening of これマジ!?, which indeed means really?! \ are you serious?!.

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