I am reading 宇宙よりも遠い場所. Right off the beginning comes a sentence: "誰にも理解されなくたっていい".

I am sure it means "It is OK that it is not understood by anybody". However, the されなくた puzzles me:

  1. Shouldn't ない past form be なかった?

  2. I google 理解されなくた and Google only returns 理解されなくて.



You are parsing the sentence incorrectly.


It is されなく + たって and not され + なくた.

「理解されなく」 is the negative passive-voice form -- "not being understood".

「たって」 is a colloquial way of saying 「ても」. You have surely encountered 「~~てもいい」 before, I presume.

"I would not care (even) if no one understood me."

Or more literally,

"I would not care (even) if I am not understood by anyone."

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