Is there a term that I can use to say that the food was not agreeable when I ate it. It didn't make me feel good.


By far the most-often used verb would be 「合{あ}う」. Its negative form is 「合わない」.

We often say things like:

  • 「そのラーメンは私には合わなかった。」

    General dislike. Does not specify reasons. Just sounds "nicer" than saying it was terrible.

  • 「そのラーメンは私のお腹{なか}には合わなかった。」

    Ingredients were tough on your stomach. You got "sick" from eating it.

  • 「そのラーメンは私の舌{した}には合わなかった。」

    Did not like the taste (but it did not make you feel sick). 舌 means "tongue".

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