I want to say a clothes washing day. Am I correctly using 洗濯日 to indicate a day for washing clothes? I seem to also remember a term sentakubiyori/youri?


There is no such word as "先週日" in Japan.
By the way, "先週" means last week.

And sentakubiyori is ”洗濯日和”.
That means the weather is really good, and good for washing clothes (usually sunny day).

洗濯 means laundering, washing (clothes).
日和 means good weather (sunny).

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    I never heard other words... we usually use 洗濯日和. but if you decide the date to washing, ex) Wednesday, Jul 15 '18 at 19:27
  • ah sorry I accidentally pushed enter....:( ex)every Wednesday, I wash my clothes, then you can say my 洗濯日 is Wednesday. Actually , there is no such word but , I can understand. Jul 15 '18 at 19:30
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    Strictly speaking, 洗濯日和 refers to the (good) weather and not the day itself. Jul 16 '18 at 2:17

For "a clothes washing day / a day for washing clothes", I think you could probably say like...


as in...


but I think you'd probably sound more natural if you said it more simply like...

今日は(服を)洗濯します。 / 洗濯機を回します。
うちは月・水・金に洗濯します。 / 洗濯機を回します。  

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