I want to say “I like spending lunchtimes with Sarah.”

(Sarah is a fill-in name)

I am absolutely clueless, because I’ve only done Japanese for a semester at school (but I plan on choosing it as a subject next year). Would I use ‘to’ and where? I know lunch is hirugohan, but I’ve heard a variety of answers?

(Kanji and romaji are both fine.)

Some help would be much appreciated!

Arigatou gozaimasu!

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You're right that you use と for "with".

"[do ~~] with Sarah" → 「セーラ[~~する]」

"Lunch" is [昼]{ひる}ごはん, but for "lunchtime" I think you can use 「ランチタイム」, 「(お)[昼休]{ひるやす}み」 (literally "lunch break". The お is a polite prefix), or maybe 「[昼休憩]{ひるきゅうけい}」.

I think you can say...

「{ランチタイム/昼休み}は、セーラと過ごすのが好きです。」, or

etc., depending on the context.

The の in 過ごすが・いるが is a nominalizer. It turns the verb 過ごす・いる into a noun form so that it can be followed by the particle が.
The は in the second and third sentences is a topic particle.

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