I know that it's an onomatopoeia, and it's an adverb that can take the と particle.

The context goes something like this. There is an object. The object in question is filled with a liquid. The object also has an opening in it. The liquid spills out, flows out, gushes out, and so on. どぼり(と) is attached to the said action of the liquid.

I looked on Denshi Jisho, and it has nothing on it. I looked on Weblio, and it has nothing on it. I even looked on this one website that lists sound effects, and there was nothing.

So does anyone know what it means?

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「どぼり」 is a variant of 「どぼどぼ」. The latter should be listed in any good dictionary. プログレッシブ和英中辞典 explains it this way.


The sake made a gurgling sound as he poured it into his cup.

(That English is a "free" translation by the dictionary. The subject of the original is an unmentioned person and not 酒.)

Even Jisho has 「ドボドボ」, too.

You might want to remember that many onomatopoeias related to liquid movements will start with a 「ど + b」 as in 「どぶん」、「どぼん」、「どばどば」、「どばっ」, etc.

Finally, it is so hot today that I just want to どぶんとプールに飛{と}び込{こ}みたい after posting this answer.

  • @l’électeur: Oh, thank you! That onomatopoeia had me stumped! Jun 22, 2018 at 12:26

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