What does いやほい mean in this context? Or is it nonsense or onomatopeia? I'm not finding a conclusive result in the dictionary.

Results I get are, for instance:

いや which could be disagreeable, increasingly, no, head house, birthplace, originator

ほい which could be linen kariginu, supplement, heave-ho, yes, one's real intent

So... "no-yes"...? "linen kariginu originator"...? ...?

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    Though I never saw this particular written form, I am very sure that it is a variant of やっほい. Jun 24, 2018 at 19:27

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Most native speakers haven't heard いやほい before this song. When an announcer asked the lyricist about this word on Nov/11/2015, he said something along the lines of "The meaning is not known and each person has their own way of interpreting it". So it's basically his made-up word which just sounded nice to him.

Still, I feel this is meant to sound like a symbolic 掛け声, something like "Yo Ho" (of pirates) or "Heigh-Ho" (of dwarfs in Snow White). Some people seem to believe this had been actually used among young people around Harajuku, but I could not find a definitive evidence for that.


Isn't it just a 'call'? Like "yahooo!" or "hey hey!" ... at least, that's the sense with which I take sounds like that one. Basically that would mean they're saying "hi" to Harajuku in an uber-genki way. I know that やっほー! is such a sound, and this seems fairly close to that, with extra "cuteness" added in.


It is roughly equivalent to the English word "Yahoo!" when shouted in happiness. An example would be when riding a bucking bronco, and you are waving your hat, and shouting yahoo!.

During the MV for this song, you can clearly see a Japanese equivalent being presented to the viewer.

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