I'm looking at words apart from "Genzai" that mean "Current" as in "Present moment".

Can I safely use the word "Genkō", or "現行" for that?


This is an interesting question. From the sources I found, there weren't many example sentences. Here are the sources that I used: Jisho.org, and webilo.

Webilo was the most helpful, saying:


My translation:

Expression with the meaning(s): currently making use of/applied, currently operated, currently performed. げんこう has the meaning of currently being performed/executed.

I will not give examples of its usage here since it can get a little bit confusing for beginners. Suffice it to say that you will be mostly fluent before you will really encounter it in conversations.

現行{げんこう} is definitely not your best fit for "present moment." I would use the word 現在{げんざい} instead. It is literally translated as now;current;present;present time. Genzai is a lot more commonly used as well.

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