The sentence is 「なにこれ可愛い!」って言われちゃえ. I get the なにこれ可愛い part, but I'm not sure what 言われちゃえ means. It seems to be in the passive/imperative form?

For context, here's where I found the sentence:




「言{い}われちゃえ」 is the colloquial way of saying 「言われてしまえ」, which is in the "passive imperative" form.

The only problem is, though, that the sentence is very difficult to translate usng the same passive imperative construct. The literal translation would look something like:

"Be told 'What is this? It's so freaking cute!'", but that is clumsy at best.

To include the rather light and jocular feeling of the original, I might go with something like:

"You sure will have people say 'That's freaking cute!' " 

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    Isn't it passive imperative rather than causative? – Kurausukun Jun 18 '18 at 7:55
  • If this title were on an American recipe site, and assuming the page is targeted towards readers who are familiar with what 'kawaii' means, I would imagine it saying something like: "Make 'em say 'Kawaii!'" – Otomatonium Jun 18 '18 at 19:20

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