I don't understand "どこまでいってもAIから嫌われると" from this article, here is the paragraph:


Especially どこまでいっても(I find things like どこまでいっても面白い but I'm not sure how it works without the 面白い at the end because I don't really understand the logic behind "どこまでいっても" ) but even the remainder (AIから嫌われると) I'm not sure how to interpret it.

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どこまでいっても means literally "no matter where you go", this is used like どこまでいっても、ここは田んぼだけの田舎だよ(Here is the country that has constant scenery of rice fields, no matter where you go).

However it can mean "whatever" and "no matter how", so どこまでいってもAIから嫌われると means "If they are disliked by the AI, whatever they do.".

どこまでいってもおもしろい means "very interesting", "not lacking in interest".

Can you grasp the nuance of どこまでいっても?

  • Yes, I thought that "no matter where you go" in this case meant "in any workplace they try to get a job, they are hated"(several people told me that ) but actually in this case it means "they are disliked by the AI, whatever they do", thank you Yuuichi Tam.
    – Jirei
    Commented Jun 18, 2018 at 9:48

I'm not a native speaker, so here is my humble answer:

The interviewee is talking about how AI systems could be used to profile people for things like employment and insurance. Since the AI can use a lot of data, and the process by which it decides is hard to understand ("a black box"), one can find themselves in the situation where they don't even know why they are being declined. In fact, no matter where they go, they are disliked by the AI, which can be very hard to fix.

(Please refer to the comment replies for more discussion on the nuance of the original text.)

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    ダウンボートしたの私じゃないですけど、この「どこまで行っても嫌われると~」は、「どこに行っても(no matter where they go)」って意味じゃなくて、「何回やっても・いくら頑張っても・いつまで続けても、しつこく・いつまでも・ずっと嫌われ続けると~」みたいな意味です。その「と」は if って意味の接続助詞で、「嫌われたら~」って意味です
    – chocolate
    Commented Jun 17, 2018 at 15:00
  • Thank you for clarifying the nuance. If you'll allow me to simplify your remarks, I think the addition of まで emphasizes the extent of the effort of the victim. Commented Jun 17, 2018 at 19:16
  • Translating parts of @Chocolate's comment in case it helps anybody: Some alternate ways to define どこまでいっても: "No matter how many times you do it", "No matter how hard you try", "persistently no matter how long you continue", etc, you're still disliked by the AI. Commented Jun 17, 2018 at 21:45

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