In Naruto the village hidden in rain is called Amegakure in English Version and Pronounced like "Ame-ga-kure" in both Japanese and English Version.
But if you try to translate the kanji of this 雨隠れの里 to English(Google Translate), we get "Ame kakure no sato" as the translation. So I was just wondering what is the correct spelling of it. Can someone help?

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    Honestly the lesson here is never to use Google Translate. – Kurausukun Jun 25 '18 at 5:04

I'm not sure why you are downvoted, because I think this is an excellent question! Sometimes, when two words in Japanese combines, the beginning of the second word changes and gets (濁点.)

雨 (あめ) 隠れ (かくれ) is a good one, because I'd read it as "ama-gakure", so not only does "ka" get 濁点 but "ame" also changes to "ama."

Here are some other examples, including my own name:

  • 手(て)+紙(かみ) → 手紙(てがみ)
  • 川(かわ)+口(くち) → 川口(かわぐち)
  • 鼻(はな)+血(ち) → 鼻血(はなぢ)

As a native speaker, I know when to do this instinctively, to the point that it feels awkward to pronounce if I don't do it, but according to wikipedia, the rule apparently isn't entirely logical and deterministic(!)

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