I tried looking up へと in the sentence スカイテラスへと続く廊下。but that didn’t yield much results towards my comprehension on the matter.

I know the sentence means something like “The corridor lead to the sky terrace.” But I don’t understand why the use of へと instead of just と.

I already read an answer on a similar question on StackExchange (link to source here) but, although I really appreciate the answers on that question, I still don’t understand it.

Thank you for reading and possibly helping me.


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I don’t understand why the use of へと instead of just と.

Okay, let's try using "just と" and see what happens


I can only parse this as "sky terrace and continuing corridor". continuing from and to where? Nobody knows. So, this sentence does not make much sense to me.

However, if we take the original:


Then it's clearly "corridor continuing to (towards) the sky terrace", which makes much more sense.

As for why へと instead of just , see the discussion you linked. Personally, it feels like it specifies both direction and the end point, i.e. the corridor continues towards and until the sky terrace, ending there.

A few examples from weblio:

Public opinion swayed towards declaring war on Russia.


we ran head over heels toward the shelter


She shopped around from store to store.


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