I love this song ハウトゥ世界征服 by NERU feat. 鏡音リンと鏡音レン. However, there is one line I struggle with:


Wouldn't one say


Instead? Thank you!


When using the N1のN2 construction be aware that the actual thing you’re talking about is N2. The relation between the nouns is that the second is a part (or aspect) of the first.


傷口の中 = in (the middle of) the wound ( you’re talking about part of the wound)

心の傷口 = the wound of the heart (you’re talking about the heart, but focusing on the wound, not the entire heart)

山田さんの仕事 = the work / job of mr Yamada (You choose to focus on that aspect of Yamada)

I hope this helped you out.

  • N = noun

It seems you are confused about the order of the nouns with the の particle. The order is backwards. People can get confused about this because there are some people who say that the の particle can mean "of" in some cases, especially when the の particle acts as a possessive meaning or when it creates a relationship between nouns, at least as explained by Tae Kim in his Noun-related Particles post, and because you can create a sequence of nouns, as 国際教育センタ, as explained here, as well, by Tae Kim. Thus, considering that の mean "of", and one isn't aware about the order, 心の傷口 would mean "heart of wound", instead of the correct, "wound of heart", even though I prefer to look at this as "in the", instead of "of".


When I get confused by a phrase AのB it helps to translate it using の with a meaning “of” to “B of A” (note the nouns are reverted in English).

So for 心 (heart/soul) and 傷口 (wound) then 「心の傷口」is the “wound(s) of my heart”


Please heal the wounds of my heart

Note that Japanese doesn’t differentiate singular and plural so we just have to guess there. 心{こころ} typically means “heart” metaphorically like your “soul” rather than a literal beating organ in your body.

Everyday speech often omits “の“ to avoid repetition. I imagine song lyrics may even go further with such creative liberties to match a musical melody. For example:


Please heal the wounds of my heart


Please heal the wounds of my heart


心 = heart

傷口 = wound

心の傷口 = heart's wound

を治してくれ = heal it for me

What is unusual about the phrase as-is?

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