What does ni naranai mean below?

teishutsu ni okureta baai ha genten ni naranai

"Points will not be deducted if there is delay in submission" - is that correct?

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    Can you please add what you think "ni naranai" might be and how do you understand that sentence as a whole? – Felipe Oliveira Jun 1 '18 at 16:26
  • Points will not be dedcted if there is delay in submission - is that correct? – IUnknown Jun 2 '18 at 4:50

Is your translation correct?

Yes, your translation "Points will not be deducted if there is a delay in submission" is a correct one.


For a more literal translation to address your question about the meaning of にならない

  • 提出に遅れた場合は

In the event (case) of a late submission

  • (結果が)減点にならない

(the outcome) will not be a point deduction.


I imagine some confusion might stem from the question, 何が何にならない?. In your example, 何が減点にならない? In many cases where this isn't explicit, the 何 in 何が can be thought of as "reality", "result", "outcome", etc., and this is understood -- "(the result) will not be a point deduction".

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