For the 且つ・かつ point in the Dictionnary of Advanced Japanese Grammar, there is the following sentence.

当社は、個人情報を取り扱うにあたり、個人情報保護法はじめ適用される諸法令、規範遵守を徹底し、適切且つ慎重に管理いたします。 The given translation is : At our company, when we handle personal information, we thoroughly observe the applicable laws and regulations, including the Personal Information Protection Law, and we manage the information properly and prudently.

The sentence is relatively long, so when I read it, I split it. However, I don't fully understand how the english translation was done.

1/ 個人情報保護法はじめ適用される諸法令

I understand that it's 個人情報保護法 (Personal Information Protection Law) + はじめ but the 適用される諸法令 part bothers me. I only found that 諸法 means "existing things" and 令 "command, order". But it doesn't make sense here considering the translation is "applicable laws and regulations". I tried to google the term, but I didn't find an answer.

2/規範遵守を徹底し Is this part translates to "(we) thoroughly observe" in the sentence ? If it's the case, a を particle could be added right before ?


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1: 諸 means "several", so 諸法令 means "several laws".

2: "we thoroughly observe the regulation" would be translated as "私たちは規則(規範)を徹底的に遵守する". And it is the same meaning as 規範遵守を徹底する. 規範遵守 means 規範を遵守する(守る)こと.

  • Thank you very much. Now I fully understand the sentence.
    – Darksider8
    May 28, 2018 at 16:29

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