After watching a boxing match, a spectator says about the winner:

相手にボクシングをさせないように自分の全てを発揮してる… 勝つための〝確実さ〟に徹している

徹す seems to have so many meanings that I don't know how to interpret it here. First of all, is it [徹す]{とおす} or [徹する]{てっする}? If it's the latter, could it mean "to devote oneself", in the sense of doing just a specific thing? My attempt:

He shows all he has to prevent the opponent from fighting... He just uses his confidence to win.

Thank you for your help!


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「徹する」 is read 「てっする」 every time.

「勝{か}つための〝確実{かくじつ}さ〟に徹{てっ}している」 means "He is devoting his entire attention to his ’assurance’ of a win."

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