I see 𤋱 as part of more than one kanji. I looked for its meaning in tables and dictionaries and I couldnt find anything. Does this symbol 𤋱 have a meaning of its own?


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Since there is no universally agreed upon definition of what is or isn't a kanji, a question like Is X a kanji is ultimately opinion-based.

  • 「𤋱」is a component simplified from「熏」by analogy (same method as 黑 > 黒) for Shinjitai Jōyō characters like「薫」.

  • Hyōgai kanji are not officially simplified, so standalone「𤋱」does not have an official status in Japanese.

Outside of Japanese, there are two places where「𤋱」is recorded as a standalone character;

  1. In one of the numerous Dunhuang manuscripts, and

  2. In the Song Dynasty rime dictionary [集韻]{しゅういん}. Quote from 集韻:

    enter image description here

    Translation, quoting from the original [說文解字]{せつもんかいじ} as this is what 集韻 refers to:

    𤋱」、「𤋱」, rimed as「許」as the onset and「云」as the final.《說文解字》definition: "Smoke from fire going upwards, compound character from「屮」and「黑」." The combination of「屮」and「黑」looks like smoke from fire going upwards (ref. Seal Script version at the start). In clerical script, this is written as「𤋱」. Vulgar forms include「燻」, but this way of writing is wrong.

As can be seen in the 集韻 image, however, the standard style in this text was using characters that look like「黒」rather than「黑」, and these kinds of texts are where the numerous Chinese character variants throughout history are attested and recorded.

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I could find the following info on this page (apparently from a dictionary called 漢字林 Kanjirin):

【𤋱】火4+9=総画数13 U+242F1 [クン/いぶ・す、いぶ・る、くゆ・らす、くす・べる、ふす・べる] 

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