In a social media post, i want to say happy Mother's day to my mom (but is visible to everyone).

I came up with 幸{さち}せな母{はは}の日{ひ}、お母{かあ}さん .

Would this be considered normal for a native speaker? Is the usage of haha and kaa correct if i were to speak or to her?

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    幸 is さち, but 幸せ is しあわせ. – set0gut1 May 14 '18 at 2:55

As a Mother's Day message to your mother, 「お[母]{かあ}さん いつもありがとう」 is more common and would be considered normal by most native speakers.

Saying 「[母]{はは}の[日]{ひ}おめでとう」 to your own mother sounds a bit strange. 「~~おめでとう」 is usually used for celebrating New Year's Day or someone's birthday etc., or congratulating someone's entering school, graduation, promotion etc.

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