This is internal monologue of a character about another. Also this is from a manga so there is no punctuation.


それこそ普通はためらうような… 命を投げ出す行為を平気でしてまう

This is my current interpretation:

This girl sometimes seems like she doesn’t care about “herself” at all.

That for sure is how she normally is, seemingly hesitant… about actions that completely and remorselessly sacrifice lives.

The second bit is a bit dubious. It is characteristic of the character being described, since she never hives up on people, it still feels weird in context.

On the grammatical/language side I'm assuming それこそ普通 is basically saying that she is like that normally こそ is intensifying this but Im' not 100% sure since I haven't encountered それこそ before.

Also I'm not sure what's being described as ためらうような hesitating like? How it's normally?

And of course what's your read on this sentence?

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I think this is one long sentence. "まるで自分を省みないような", "それこそ普通はためらうような" and "命を投げ出す" all modify 行為. The basic structure is:

この子は時々<long modifier here>行為をしてしまう
This girls sometimes commit (such-and-such) an act.


  • まるで自分を省みないような行為: an act that looks as if she were entirely ignoring herself
  • それこそ普通はためらうような行為: the very act which people usually hesitate to do
  • 命を投げ出す行為: an act of abandoning one's life
  • 平気で: without deeply thinking, with no compunction, innocently

それこそ is a set expression meaning "exact(ly)", "just", "very", "none other than", etc.

  • Ahhh. If the last can apply to her own life than that does make sense... Damn the lack of punctuation, it makes the context problem even harder. Commented May 12, 2018 at 15:42

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