What is the sentence structure of this sentence, which is from the lyrics of this song? I'm lost. How to understand くらい?

いつだって不安な朝は迎え難い 今日くらい大丈夫だって言って

Does the sentence mean: Mornings of anxiety are always difficult to deal with, please tell me even something like 'things will be fine today'.

I'm not sure. Please kindly help.

  • Thank you Chocolate! So the narrator is actually requesting the addressee to do all these things:「気づいてよ」「ここに来て」「大丈夫だって言って」「耳を澄まして」「満たして」?
    – Jo H
    May 12 '18 at 3:41

I think "くらい" in this case suggests that the other person usually doesn't say the word "大丈夫". So the meaning would be like: please tell me 'things will be fine' at least today (because today is a special day, or you haven't said that in a while, or something like that.)

date + くらい[は] is a common phrase. You can say for example "テストの前日くらいは勉強しなさい" or "誕生日くらいおいしいものを食べよう".


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