This is more for formal written email than spoken in person.

For example, if I was to ask:

Which of the following do you enjoy:

(A) Coffee

(B) Tea

(C) The java in me

I would also like to know the most common way of listing a multiple choice such as if I was to use ㋐ ㋑ ㋒ in this situation?

Thanks in advance

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(A)(B)(C) and (1)(2)(3) are perfect choices in most modern Japanese workplaces, especially when you send something via the Internet. ①②③ is the next safest. Some traditional documents still prefer (ア)(イ)(ウ), ㋐㋑㋒ or even (イ)(ロ)(ハ), but I don't recommend using them at least as a primarily choice. (If you work at a legal department, there may be special rules to list things.)

丸囲み文字 and 組文字 were common in the pre-internet era, but its use has been discouraged by many people in the last 20 years due to technical reasons regarding character encoding (For example, ㋐㋑㋒ was not commonly available for a while on PC, and Mac users could not even read ①②③ in an email sent by PC users). Now it's generally safe to use them thanks to Unicode, but many people still avoid them on the net.


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