According to Wikipedia, “power distance” is the extent to which the lower ranking individuals of a society "accept and expect that power is distributed unequally".

  • Power: I could pick 力, 能力, 権力, 勢力, 支配力, 政権, 権限, 職権 or パワー.
  • Distance: I could pick 距離, 道のり, 間隔, 遠方 or ディスタンス.

Which terms should I pick in translating “power distance”?

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Looks like people who are good at sociology mainly use 権力格差, which I feel is reasonable and intuitive. 距離 is too literal. "Power distance index" would be 権力格差指数.

A somewhat casual but easy-to-understand definition would be something like "(下側から見た時の)上下関係の強さ/厳しさ/受容度".

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