In a scene from the Japanese movie 「四月物語」, the heroine introduced herself, saying 「[卯月]{うづき}です」, which is her given name.

The 「月」 part is kind of whispered (?) , and sounds to me more close to 「すき」.

I'm wondering how this line would sound to native Japanese speakers, e.g. will it be confused with 「すき」?


I am a native speaker, and this うづき was not confusing. The person clearly pronounced う-ず-き, although she was speaking in a mild whispering voice.

Note that "zu" and "dzu" are two allophones of ず/づ in Japanese, and "zu" tends to appear in the middle of a word. You may not hear a burst of air when ず/づ is pronounced in the middle of a word. Also note that most Japanese people pronounce ず and づ exactly the same way, although づ is sometimes romanized as "dzu" or "du". For details, see /d, z/ neutralization and Yotsugana.

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