I remember a trip I did to Japan (it's a magical place) back in 2007 when my Japanese was not as rusty as it is now. In Kyoto I had the chance to buy a meron pan from a stall in a park. The fact is, he had many types of bread and I wanted to say him that I wanted one piece of each type. But I could not get with the proper way to say that.

So, 11 years after :-) I go to Google Translate and I come up with the following:

それぞれの種類の1つ ください

So is that sentence correct? Is there any shorter way to say this?

  • それぞれの種類 1つ ずつ ください
    – user20624
    Apr 25, 2018 at 13:41

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「それぞれの種類{しゅるい}1つ ください。」

So is that sentence correct?

No, it is not. That second 「の」 is both incorrect and unnatural. 「それぞれの種類1つ」 just does not make much sense.

Most commonly, we would say:



In informal speech, the 「を」 will often be omitted.

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