i think "恐れ入ります" means "sorry" , "excuse me", but it has another meaning "fear".which is correct in the bold sentence A:双葉さんから(コール)で聞きましにいつの間にか帰っていたと (don't know A or B speak ):サボタージュとは恐れ入ります

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    Does it really say 「聞きましに」?
    – user4032
    Apr 25 '18 at 3:48

「恐{おそ}れ入{い}ります」 placed at the end of a sentence as in 「~~とは恐れ入ります」 usually means "I am overwhelmed that ~~~~~."

This is the usage in the sentence in question as well -- "I am rather overwhelmed that it was (mere) sabotage."

(When 「恐れ入ります」 means "I am sorry", it is almost always placed at the beginning of the sentence as in 「恐れ入ります、~~~~」 with a 「が」.)

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