Several items on the menu of the restaurant I’m at have 肉入 next to them. I’ve looked this up in a couple dictionaries without success, although I know the general meanings of the separate characters (or thought I did). What does this mean? Meat included?

  • I feel l'electeur fully answered the question so I won't add another answer, but I will add that this is similar to the symbols you often see on English menus that say "contains seafood" or "contains meat" for dishes that aren't obviously meat-based. It's a courtesy for those who may not wish to eat meat or may have food allergies.
    – vel
    Apr 25 '18 at 18:10

「肉入{にくいり}」 (also written as 「肉入{にくい}り」) simply means "(an amount of) meat contained".

The phrase is used to describe dishes that contain small amounts of meat. It is not used with obvious meat dishes such as steaks, beef stew, etc.

You will keep encountering the phrase:

「[Food item] + 入{い}り」

at eateries and grocery stores.

FYI: In case you want to order the dish prepared without that particular food item, the phrase to use is explained in this Q&A.

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