I got stuck while i was reading manga on this phrase :そんな確実性の高い代物でもねぇだろ I went to check the translated copy and it says it means" he's not the most reliable guy" a second source said" it's just that this ability isn't that reliable"(the context is a character using her special ability but fails)


「代物{しろもの}」 means a "thing" 99% of the time.

It would be safe to say that that is what the word means in the sentence in question unless the larger context suggested that it referred to a person.

When it refers to a person, it often refers to a prostitute or a pretty young woman according to デジタル大辞泉.

3 《売{う}り物{もの}になる意{い}から》遊女{ゆうじょ}。また、年{とし}ごろの美{うつく}しい娘{むすめ}。

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